Spring : Best of Both Worlds

For the iced coffee lover:

For the coffee lover that enjoys spring & summer drinks. Enjoy a refreshing iced coffee to cool you down.

Nutella Iced Coffee

This recipe is just as fun as it is delicious. This iced coffee recipe is certainly one to keep in your iced coffee recipes book! Luckily for us, this recipe is a super quick and easy recipe you can make anytime.

Classic Iced Coffee

The wonderful aspect of this recipe is how quick and easy it is. This iced coffee recipe is great for unexpected guests who will think that you are a wizard barista in your spare time!

For the hot coffee lover:

For the people that prefer the warm feeling of the fireplace on a cold day, enjoy a hot coffee to keep you warm.

Orange Mocha

With this recipe, you will get a tangy orange tasting coffee This recipe begins tangy, but as you add ingredients can become very sweet and taste like a cup of coffee filled with sunshine.

French Hot Cocoa Coffee

A recipe guaranteed to be a hit. This recipe combines the best of both worlds to create a concoction of amazing flavors. This recipe is made to wow you and your guests during any occasion.

Spring Coffee Trends

Homemade Milk Substitutes

Coffee drinkers this spring are trading out their dairy milk for a variety of homemade milk substitutes, from oat milk to almond milk. These substitutes are a great way to change up your coffee routine and are easy to make!

Quality Coffee Beans

Making coffee at home has made people realize the importance of selecting a quality bean. Coffee drinkers are shifting to higher quality coffee beans to brew the best cup at home. Koffee Kult only roasts 100% Arabica coffee beans.