As you may know, we offer free shipping on all coffee orders over $50 (to those in the United States). We want to get your coffee to you as quickly as possible and use several sources in order to make that happen.

Delivery Method

  • Your coffee order will be delivered by USPS, including FIrst Class and Priority, Fedex or UPS.
  • There may be times, if you're lucky enough, your coffee will arrive by mule.
  • Each order requires flexiblity in shipping provider. There are several outside factors that influence Free Shipping and how your packages arrive.
  • Our priority is getting your order to you as quickly, and effeciently, as possible. This could effect which provider carries your order.

Fulfillment / Delivery Time

  • We roast our coffee to order, Once an order comes in, the coffee is roasted and fulfilled within the same day or the next day.
  • If you create an order on Saturday or Sunday, we will roast and ship first thing the following Monday.
  • Orders ship Monday through Friday.
  • Delivery is based on "business" days. You may experience a delay during holidays, etc when business (including Koffee Kult, shipping providers) are closed.

Other Important Notes

  • We deliver to Military PO Boxes via USPS only,
  • Each order comes with a tracking email so you can keep an eye on your coffee.
  • Keep in mind, the information provided above applies to Free Shipping only. If you prefer something else, other measures can be taken at checkout at an additional cost, including 2-day shipping from USPS, Fedex or UPS.
  • Don't pet the mules, sometimes they bite. You can feed them grass and water, though.