Orange Mocha

As summer is coming to its end, we want to bring you a recipe filled with sunshine so you can enjoy the last few weeks of the season with that summertime feeling in your coffee. We will be explaining how to make an orange mocha coffee.

What you will need:

  • One Cup of Your Favorite Brewed Coffee
  • Two Tablespoons of Orange Juice
    • can substitute orange concentrate
  • Two Tablespoons of milk
  • One Tablespoon of White Sugar
  • One Tablespoon of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
    • can substitute cocoa mix or chocolate syrup
  • Cream
    • add to your liking but is not necessary for this recipe

This recipe is for one cup of Orange Mocha*

Once you have brewed your favorite Koffee Kult coffee, it is time to add the ingredients.

First, stir in orange juice, followed with milk and sugar. Once the sugar is completely mixed in, stir in the cocoa powder (cocoa mix) until completely dissolved and enjoy.

This is a base Orange Mocha recipe as you will need to add ingredients to the taste of your liking. With this recipe, you will get a tangy orange tasting coffee. This recipe begins tangy, but as you add ingredients can become very sweet and taste like a cup of coffee filled with sunshine. We hope you enjoy this Orange Mocha Recipe and visit our website for more of our Koffee Kult exclusive recipes.