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    Introducing: Eye Cracker Espresso Beans!

    Attention all coffee lovers! Introducing Eye Cracker Espresso; the all new, specialty blend of espresso beans from Koffee Kult. This unique blend is enriched with coffee beans directly from Kenya and Central America. These beans deliver a fruity, bright flavor with the tastes of tangerine, cherry, hint of lemon, and complete with a sweet and silky caramel finish. 

    If you are a fan of coffee, take the chance to discover wonderful beans that bring together savory tropical fruit flavors with the sweet taste of sugar and caramel straight to your cup. These delicious medium roast coffee beans have the most delectable citrus twist that pairs perfectly with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, or by itself as your choice of a pick-me-up. These unique espresso beans were carefully sourced, blended, and roasted to create what we call Eye Cracker. 

    Eye Cracker Espresso is a specialty grade coffee made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, hand roasted in small batches by an artisan coffee roaster in the USA. Eye Cracker Espresso is sold in 12 and 32 ounce bags with whole beans inside. Our iconic Koffee Kult bag features a flat bottom for easy, stand-up storage. Our unique zipper valve closure system keeps air out, while sealing in freshness. If the back is kept sealed tightly, you are guaranteed to savor the wonderful flavors in your cups of Eye Cracker Espresso, from each and every bean.

    How Does Water Affect Your Coffee?

    How Does Water Affect Your Coffee?
    As most of us know, coffee is primarily water. When the hot water is combined with fresh coffee grounds, a delicious aroma begins to circulate and out pops a hot caffeine packed beverage. So, seeing as your morning coffee relies heavily on the water that it uses, wouldn’t you want to find the best kind of water to mix with your coffee grounds?

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