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Summer Cold Brew Blend
Summer Cold Brew Blend
Summer Cold Brew Blend
Summer Cold Brew Blend

Summer Cold Brew Blend

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Cupping notes: Light and refreshing, Cocoa, Fruit and floral notes with medium acidity. 
Roast: Medium
100% Arabica coffee
Hand Packaged
Roasted in Hollywood, Florida
Cold Brew Blend comes in whole bean and ground coffee options. Enabling all coffee drinkers easy ability to brew this coffee. 

Product Description

Summer Cold Brew Blend is a refreshing medium roast coffee blend crafted by the Koffee Kult Roastmasters for cold brew specifically. This coffee blend consists of 100% Arabica coffee from South America and Indonesia.

History of Koffee Kult

Every awesome company has a history. The Koffee Kult mission has been to find and roast the best coffee we can find from all parts of the world.

Learn about our beginnings thru to our current location.

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Have you ever wondered what we drink at Koffee Kult first thing in the morning or while roasting coffee? Everyone in at Koffee Kult has their own favorites. This is a great opportunity for you to meet our staff and explore new coffees.

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