2 Alpha Espresso
2 Alpha Espresso
2 Alpha Espresso
2 Alpha Espresso
2 Alpha Espresso

2 Alpha Espresso

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Cupping notes: Heavy body, smooth, bright, nutty
Profile: Dark Roast
Blend: Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil and Sumatra 

The original Koffee Kult espresso. 2 Alpha Espresso Beans is a delicious coffee that crackles with bright and robust flavor, including notes of cinnamon, nuts and chocolate! If you want to start your day off with a bang, this espresso coffee is a must. 

We use this in store for espresso, also works well in Jura and other super auto brewers.

History of Koffee Kult

Every awesome company has a history. The Koffee Kult mission has been to find and roast the best coffee we can find from all parts of the world.

Learn about our beginnings thru to our current location.

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Staff Coffee Picks

Have you ever wondered what we drink at Koffee Kult first thing in the morning or while roasting coffee? Everyone in at Koffee Kult has their own favorites. This is a great opportunity for you to meet our staff and explore new coffees.

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