Alternatives to Creamer for Coffee

Coffee, sugar and milk (or creamer), the traditional combo to make a great cup of fresh coffee. Not many people think about switching up their morning routine of their classic cup of joe. Well, now’s the time and there’s five ingredients worth making a change for.


Are you traditionally a cream and sugar person? Love your fresh coffee, but hate all those extra calories added from the addition of your favorite ingredients? Look no further, your answer is here. Cinnamon is a great substitute for cream and sugar, with a lot less calories to start off your day. Hard to complain about that, especially since cinnamon is also great for your immune system.

Vanilla Extract

Another great addition to any cup of coffee, and just as effective for anyone looking for an alternative to a high calorie cup, vanilla can be used in two forms: either adding a few drops of vanilla extract to your brewing coffee, or by mixing in vanilla beans with your coffee beans before grinding. Always remember, the longer the beans are in the coffee, the more they will flavor your fresh coffee. Not only does the vanilla add an amazing flavor to your coffee, but there are also significant health benefits. The extract has benefits such as boosting mental performance, brain health, joint pain, stress relief and male impotency.


Good for mashed potatoes, popcorn, pancakes and…coffee? Yes, it’s true, adding butter to your fresh coffee leaves you with a home brew of buttery goodness. Said to be a “replacement for breakfast”, the buttery brew will remove your appetite and leave you feeling more energized than your traditional cup of coffee.


Often used on french fries, salt is a good addition to any home brew. Adding salt will decrease the bitterness of your coffee. Could be added directly with the beans before grinding, or simply by pouring directly in your coffee. Also, a more preferred use is in iced coffee. The salt will maximize the flavors within.


Eggs and bacon, eggs and sausage, eggs and ham; how about eggs in coffee? No, you didn’t read that wrong, and definitely a coffee recipe to try. Using a ¼ cup of water, add one raw egg and a ½ cup of ground coffee, mix very well. Add this mixture to a pot of boiling water (10 cups). After 2 minutes of the mixture boiling, remove from heat, add one cup of cold water and pour through a colander into a large pitcher. The egg coffee will come out looking like a silky-smooth amber brew ready to be served and exceed expectations.


Not recommended before going to work, alcohol makes for a great addition to any cup of coffee. A well-known cup of spiked joe is “Irish coffee.” Adding a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream or Irish whiskey will be sure to give your fresh coffee some extra kick.  Still looking for more kick? Try adding a shot of vodka to your coffee; this is a very popular mixture in Russia.

Ice cream

Who doesn’t love dessert? Adding a scoop of ice cream to any cup of coffee is the perfect after-meal drink. A combination to try in the summer, because who can go all summer without having a cup of warm brew spiked with a little sweet indulgence?

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