Toddy Filter 2 Pack
Toddy Filter 2 Pack
Toddy Filter 2 Pack
Toddy Filter 2 Pack

Toddy Filter 2 Pack

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Toddy Cold Brew Systems have their own unique line of cold brew filters that extract all of the natural and delicious flavors of Koffee Kult coffees. The unique filtration method of our Toddy filters does not allow for the bitter and acidic coffee oils to seep into your coffee, like hot brewing filters do.

Why Choose Toddy Cold Brew System Over OtheråÊBrewing Systems?

Toddy filters have been providing millions of coffee lovers with delicious cold brew coffee since 1964. These filters are specifically designed Koffee Kult's Toddy Cold Brew System. The delicious and bold, yet smooth taste that the Toddy cold brewing filters provide are also easier on the stomach, as opposed to coffee that is brewed hot.

Koffee Kult believes in the Toddy brewing methods, and can provide consumers with both the at-home cold brewing system, as well as the filters that come in packs of two. Koffee Kult highly recommends changing your filters every three months, or if used more frequently, every 10 to 12 uses. Each order Toddy filters that come in packs of two are sold in cases of 12, which comes to a total of 24 filters per order.

For stores that are looking for Toddy accessory resale opportunities, Koffee Kult provides you with the perfect products. Each 2-pack filter comes individually sealed with a hanging tag and unique barcodes. Check out other Toddy products and accessories that Koffee Kult provides, such as the Toddy commercial-use filters.


It is roasted with great care, in small batches in-house using the best equipment.

Adriana H

Dark Roast. It’s the blend we sell at OneKreate and our customers love it

Robert M