Colombia Sierra Nevada Finca La Cabaña

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Cupping Notes Nice aroma with cocoa notes, Sweet Acidity
Region Anza La Cordillera
Altitude 2,105 masl
Varieties Caturro
Process Fully Washed
Drying 100% Sundried

La Cabaña, is grown in specific microclimates on Colombia’s highest snow peaked mountain Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at altitudes between 4,500 and 6,000 feet. This is Colombia’s highest mountain range; It is situated at the northern tip of Colombia, bordering the Atlantic ocean and extending 300 kilometers into the plains. This twin peaked mountain (5,575 meters)  is said to contain all of the worlds microclimates and it has the richest biodiversity in the Americas.

Due to its rich biodiversity, this farm and area is home for various endemic and migratory birds. The farm is certified by SMBC (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center) since 2000.

La Cabaña, is produced and cultivated on the South West slope of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta on a single estate (70 hectares) near the vereda San Pedro. The coffee comes from  varieties such as Caturra and Castillo. It is planted under shade of Guamo , Carbonero and Cedar trees. The soil composition is sandy with strong presence of limestone. The microclimate in which this coffee is grown is unique to the country. The cool mountain air meets with the ocean breeze from the Caribbean, forming a well-defined rainy season. Due to this factor, there is only one harvest season which starts in November and ends in April. This coffee is wet processed, fermented and washed at the farm. It is sun dried on  the patios and then mechanically dried to reach the ideal moisture of 11.5%. The coffee is then milled and graded at the farm's mill in Santa Marta.

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Jamie M

Favorite yet Kult coffee so far

This is my favorite coffee offered by Koffee Kult so far. Very fruity, high acidity and well balanced, very nice medium roast Ethiopian coffee.

Jose H.
United States

Love it.

Definitely will be part of orders to come. The body and crema are outstanding