Claim Your Free Coffee Sample: Discover Your New Favorite Brew Today

Ordering anything online can be cumbersome. There's a level of uncertainty, with new products, that you just can't avoid. With coffee, how do you know that you're going to like a certain flavor profile? It's a bit of a gamble. As with anything, it's possible that you order a coffee and you may not like it. Then you're stuck with a bag of coffee that you have to throw away and your money is wasted. This will leave you feeling disappointed and maybe even angry. Even worse, you'll be uncaffeinated. We can't have that.


Experiencing Issues with Ordering Coffee Online?
  • Uncertainty: It's hard to be sure if you'll enjoy a product without tasting it first.
  • Navigating Complexity: Sometimes, the process can be overly complicated and frustrating.
  • Risk of Disappointment: There's always a chance you might not like what you order.
  • Commitment to Your Choice: Once purchased, you're committed to the product you've received.


This is why we're offering free 2oz sample bags of coffee. This allows you to try any of our coffees to see if thier specific flavor profile fits your pallette. Maybe you want to try our Road Dog coffee for a road trip you have coming up this year, but you're not sure if its robust notes are for you. Well, now you can try it before purchasing. This gives you more freedom in your choices without any risk. There are no obligations to purchase or subscribe. If you simply don't like the coffee, it's no sweat off our backs and no commitment on your end. And if you do love the coffee, then you can purchase with confidence that you're getting something great for your money.

We understand that free samples enhances the customer experience. Hopefully it demonstrates that we care about you as much as we do our coffee. We want you to have a great experience. One of the most exciting aspects of coffe is the opportunity to discover new flavors and blends. Speciatly-grade coffee is complex with a vast array of tasting profiles, ranging from fruity and floral, to nutty and spicy. Samples allow the consumer to explore these diverse flavors without any committment or risk. We want to encourage your curiousities for exotic and premium coffee.


Discover the Benefits of Koffee Kult's Free 2oz Sample Coffee
  • Enjoy a Free Taste: Experience our premium coffee with a complimentary 2oz sample.
  • Zero Risk: Try our coffee with complete peace of mind, knowing there’s no financial risk.
  • Freedom of Choice: Explore different flavors and blends without any obligations.
  • No Commitment Required: Sample our coffee without any commitment. It’s all about your satisfaction and freedom to choose what’s right for you.


We're also confident that once you taste the greatness of our coffee, you're going to want to join the Kult. We have a great community of coffee lovers and want you to be a part of it. The last thing we want is for you to avoid us simply because you don't have the ability to try the product first. So, go head and induldge. Get your free sample and try the coffee! Once you do, join the Kult in drinking awesome coffee every day.

*one per new customer