White Coffee Dreams

Koffee Kult white coffee White Lightning

We’re dreaming of a white coffee here at Koffee Kult. We heard it’s got a bright taste, doesn’t need sugar, and is extra caffeinated. Have you heard of this blonde roast trend? Let’s explore some more.

What is white coffee?

Is it a health fad or the best way to achieve your ultimate caffeine peak? Does it describe adding milk or cream, or ordering a flat white? The short answer is no. Instead, this hot trend, which finds its roots in the Middle East, is an extremely light roast.

How light is it?

As in so light, the beans don’t change to that luscious dark brown we are used to seeing when we roast our premium coffee beans. Reason being they are roasted at a lower temperature, around 325 degrees F, where dark roasts are usually roasted at 480 degrees. This lighter temp roasts them lighter, but the beans are also harder as a result.

But how does it taste?

Once you’ve brewed these, you will have a mug full of coffee that is a pale beige color and nutty in flavor. White coffee also notes a pronounced acidity, because the organic acids don’t evaporate, with low bitterness since the natural sugars are not caramelized during roasting.

Does it have more of a kick?

It’s true that caffeine decreases slightly during the roasting process. And since white coffee beans are roasting in a lower temperature, it makes sense there would be more caffeine. There is, but it’s about five percent more—but we’ll take it!

And those health benefits?

Roasting white coffee at a lower temperature, allows for a greater quantity of chlorogenic acid, which is an antioxidant molecule that decreases inflammation and can protect against cardiovascular disease. It’s true, but not the next great health elixir by any standard.

Ready to try if for yourself? Get a freshly roasted bag of White Lightning, it’s so good there is no need for cream or sugar.