The Big Scoop on Micro-lot Premium Coffees

Koffee Kult Premium Coffee Beans Micro-lot Coffees

A micro-lot is a very small lot (usually about 40 bags) from a single farm that has been deliberately set aside from other coffee because of its premium beans, which translates to premium flavor, aroma, and taste. The coffees are unique, seasonal, and fully traceable (some with a compelling story to tell). Available only in small quantities, these coffees cost more than regular specialty coffee. But it’s worth it. We pay the growers directly, which encourages them to continue producing great coffee. At the end of the day, we are in this business to roast and enjoy exceptional coffee.

Koffee Kult Premium Coffee Beans Micro-lot CoffeesWe proudly offered these of our micro-lot coffees to the Koffee Kult suite of premium coffee selections:

All of them are a limited release, and some are already gone. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, we highly recommend your trying these amazing coffees while you can.