Mad Scientist Meets Modern Tech Called Ground Control

When you visit our roasting and training facility, you will notice something unusual yet fascinating on the back bar. Part mad scientist lab, part coffee lovers dream machine, it’s brand name is actually Ground Control.

Its tagline says it all, ‘Batch Brewing. Re-envisioned.’ That said, it looks super cool when you see it in action. But what does it all mean?

In short, it is an immersion brewer and Koffee Kult has the only one on the east coast.

“Every cycle is different and can be programmed to change the acidity,” said Jamie Mardis, owner and founder. “The brew method stay true to the coffee, which is like a consistent pour over.”

A far more science-y way to explain it can be found on the Ground Control site, which we pulled from for the following:

Ground Control is based on a counter-intuitive and powerful brewing method. Dr. Joshua Avins, Voga’s Chief Technology Officer, explains, “Coffee grounds are brewed in immersion, and a powerful vacuum pump pulls out the brewed coffee, directing it to a standard thermal carafe. Fresh water is then re-introduced to the previously brewed, substantially dried grounds, and the extraction process begins anew, effectively resetting the extraction. The results of each brew stage are then combined, creating the final beverage. This extracts layers of different flavor compounds in each brew stage, combining the final result for a delicate, balanced cup.”

If you have the chance to visit our roasting and training facility, which is by appointment only, you will definitely have to check this out.