Koffee Kult’s Nitro Brew Coffee

Koffee Kult is harnessing the best way to drink cold brew coffee.  Nitro brew Koffee Kult coffee is here. Whether you love an iced coffee, a refreshing beer, or if you’re just a simple coffee lover, you must try Nitro brew coffee!


How it’s made.

Nitro brew coffee is coffee straight from a keg, served through the tap just like beer. Coffee is infused with nitrogen gas and released through a pressurized valve through a hole. The high pressure in the keg forces the cold brew coffee past a disc and develops a stout finish to the beverage.


How does it taste?

What you’re left with is a frothy, creamy finish to the best cold brew coffee you have ever had. Nitro brew is without a doubt, the smoothest coffee you will ever drink. Like a Guinness, you will notice a beautiful cascading of coffee slowing falling down the inside of the cup.


How is it Served?

Grab a glass and like drawing beer from a tap, slowly pour into the glass. Do not put ice in your glass as the coffee coming out will be the optimum temperature for a perfect cold brew. Besides, you wouldn’t want to water-down this master piece.


 For anyone looking to find a new go-to cold brew that’ll never let you down, Nitro brew is your answer. This featured drink from Koffee Kult uses our famous Koffee Kult Dark Roast. Anyone interested in getting their hands on this premium coffee can CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE BEST.