Koffee Kult Holds Inaugural Barista Bash

Koffee Kult, a Florida-based roaster of small-batch, premium coffee, is pleased to announce its inaugural Barista Bash. The contest will take place at its Hollywood roasting facility and offers industry professionals cash prizes in two categories. Additionally, the event will be a live streaming video on Facebook.

Koffee Kult will host the contest and Jamie Mardis, founder of Koffee Kult, will serve as judge for the two categories in the competition. The baristas will compete against other industry professionals for best latte art, which boasts a $200 cash award for first place, as well as a random brew competition, which also awards $200 for the first place winner.

Latte art is a creative expression on the top of a latte whereby a barista manipulates the micro foam (the foam of air and milk) or froth and crema (an emulsion of coffee oil and brewed coffee) to create images like hearts, tulips, cats, and so much more. There are two main styles, free pouring and etching, and lots of variants to the method as well.

Random brew is a contest predicated on a random pull of cards describing a particular method and is by chance. The skilled barista will be judged on the execution of the method as well as taste and presentation.

Both contests are generously sponsored in partnership with Koffee Kult by Synesso, Roaster Dynamics, Royal Coffee NY, Loring, and Saint Anthony Industries.

“To have the support of these industry heavyweights for our inaugural event is incredible,” says Mardis. “As roasters of premium coffee, we are excited to shine a light on the artistry baristas bring to the table—or cup. It will be a celebration of great coffee.”

Koffee Kult acquires the highest-grade premium coffee beans from growers in more than 50 countries, including Arabica beans from Indonesia, Africa, and Central and South America. The company’s attention to quality includes the meticulous hand-selection of green beans for roasting and the hand packaging of the extensive selection of coffee varieties that include Geisha Buenos Aires, Koffee Kult’s famous Dark Roast, single origins and exclusive micro-lots.