Koffee Kult Goes to Colombia

As roasting professionals, we understand what goes into the most premium coffee on the planet. Sure, we can just be saying that like a lot of the other coffee companies do. However, consider this: how many of those companies were specifically invited to an International contest in Colombia as one of the premier judges by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC)? Koffee Kult’s very own, Jamie Mardis was a featured judge on a panel of only five International judges. Of course, as part of the contest Koffee Kult was featured as one of the top ten coffees to be brewed by Barista champions.

Koffee Kult president, Jamie Mardis had this to say about the experience, “In a million years did I ever think Koffee Kult would be brewed and drank with the FNC at Alma Cafe. It is amazing what Koffee Kult has become, super cool to have our product brewed by barista champions here.”

The quality of the coffee brewed at the event were amongst the world’s best, and one of those were none other than the name you know and love, Koffee Kult. The high-quality Arabica beans that are used on a daily-basis to brew Koffee Kult compares to that of the world’s most expensive beans. Some of which sell for over one hundred-fifty dollars per pound.


If there’s one thing to understand about our coffee, it is that you are receiving some of the world’s most high-quality beans with the utmost freshness and taste. We travel to origin places like Colombia to ensure the quality of the beans are top-tier. For more information about our beans and to purchase some of the best, click here.