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Cupping notes heavy body, smooth, cinnamon, and bright with a long finish
Profile Medium roast
Location Small producers in the department of Huila in Southern Colombia
Altitude 1000 ‰ 1900 masl
Varieties Caturra, Castillo, and Colombia with some growing Typica
Process Fully washed
Drying Sun or mechanical if necessary
Harvest Main harvest in April and August with the Matica between December to February
Export May-August
100% Arabica coffee
Roasted in Hollywood, Florida

Heres to the crazy coffee lovers who say you'lll need coffee about 32 times a day. Don't worry, we feel you, which is why Koffee Kult's Colombian Huila coffee beans are perfect for your strongest coffee desires.

Koffee Kult Colombia Huila Coffee is a handcrafted small-batch roasted coffee. We roast our coffee with a profiling process in order to ensure that each batch is consistently the same. Koffee Kult Columbia Huila Coffee beans are packaged as whole bean coffee to make sure that they keep their freshness, in a re-sealable coffee bag.

Producer Bio

This coffee comes from mostly small family-owned farms in the growing region of the department of Huila, Colombia. Most producers in this region will pick and process their own coffee at their own micro-wet mills and then dry their own coffee and deliver it to factories for dry milling, sorting and packaging. The three main regions in Huila where coffee is predominantly grown include Garzon, Pitalito, and Neiva.

History of

Koffee Kult

Every awesome company has a history. The Koffee Kult mission has been to find and roast the best coffee we can find from all parts of the world.

Learn about our beginnings thru to our current location.

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Why choose us?

Commitment to what is right

Koffee Kult partners with coffee producers that are environmentally friendly, pay equal wages to all and supports schools on farms for the children.

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Marc B.
United States

I finally found a coffee that I like and my office teammates like

I like coffee to have flavor (other than sour). In the US that usually means buying some over-roasted coffee. My beloved wife and my wonderful office family often did not like the coffee I made. This coffee is neither over-roasted nor sour. All coffee drinkers to whom I have served this coffee rave! And I love it too! So all is great.

Marc B.
United States

Really love this coffee

A properly roasted coffee--not over roasted. Aroma is beyond amazing. I have been trying to introduce my office to better coffee and they never liked anything I liked. But now I have made a coffee that everyone (myself included) that everyone loves!!!

Mark P.
United States

Awesome fresh roasted beans

Always great coffee and service. I do a ton of shopping online and almost never leave reviews. In fact, I have probably left less than 10 online reviews, and I only do it for exceptionally positive experiences. I’ve never left a bad review .. I just take my money elsewhere. But for the last 8 months or more I have only used Koffee Kult coffee and am compelled to leave a review. We are a family of coffee drinkers, (latte and americanos) using about 2-3 pounds a week of coffee, and have found you can’t go wrong with any selections from the roaster. Some of the coffee is available on Amazon but I much prefer to order directly for the rewards and the roasted on the date that is on coffee shipped directly. Just have to order a lot to get free shipping but that’s not an issue for myself. And for others the shipping costs still might be worthwhile, Since the coffee prices are quite reasonable when ordering in 2 pound quantities per coffee bean.

Mark P.
United States

Love the Hula

Used to make espresso drinks.. it was very fresh coffee with great flavor, and smooth.

Joshua R.
United States

Awesome Coffee

As always great coffee from Koffee Kult, so happy that they have free shipping to APO for orders over $35. Glad to have good coffee in the middle of nowhere