Koffee Kult Customer Profiles from Cinema Paradiso

All of our customers are awesome. This year, we are excited to share their stories with you in this profile series. Our November customer profile is really collected answers from the staff and customers of Cinema Paradiso, one of the homes of FLIFF (Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival) happening now through November 18, 2018. Cinema Paradiso also proudly serves Koffee Kult! 

Have your tongue firmly in your cheek? Then let’s get to know them better, shall we?

What made you join the Kult?
A squirrel came to us in a vision.

What’s your favorite coffee?
Mr. Cooper's Fiesta En La Finca

If you could only have one coffee drink on a deserted island, what would it be?
Eye Cracker, of course! We’ll need to be able to stay awake and watch for a rescue ship.

What’s your coffee (or life) motto?
Good brew. Good day!