Koffee Kult Customer Profile: Michael Philbrook

Koffee Kult Customer Profile Michael PhilbrookAll of our customers are awesome. This year, we are excited to share their stories with you in this profile series. Our June customer profile is Michael Philbrook in New Hampshire. Let’s get to know him a better, shall we?

What made you join the Kult?
I saw an ad for KK and checked the website to see if they carried Sumatra (my favorite). I saw that they did so gave it a try. Have purchased nothing else since and not looking back!​

What’s your favorite coffee?
Koffee Kult Sumatra Mandheling!​

 If you could only have one coffee drink on a deserted island, what would it be?
I assume a deserted island would be hot so I'll take Koffee Kult Sumatra iced coffee!​ 

What’s your coffee (or life) motto? 
NEVER run out of Koffee Kult!​