Koffee Kult Customer Profile Ken Haley

Dive Master Ken Haley
We've got an exciting customer feature this month! With lobster mini season coming up, it seemed fitting to interview our favorite Koffee Kult diver for our July customer feature. Ken Haley is a coffee fanatic and the quintessential Koffee Kult member. Sit back, sip a cup of coffee, and enjoy the read!
What’s your go-to brew method?
Standard Coffee maker, sorry its not more exhilarating!!
Craziest Koffee Kult story?
This has nothing to do with Coffee, but everything to do with Jamie (Koffee Kult's owner). While hunting for lobster we came across a fish attached to fishing line stuck on a reef, about 35 feet under. The line was tangled around the reef. Naturally Jamie untangled the line and took the fish for a walk, (underwater) so to speak. About 10 minutes later we came across a huge Moray Eel hiding in a hole. The Eel was a very dark Green and we had no idea how large it was until Jamie began dangling the fish over the hole. Slowly the Eel came out of its hole and must have been 6 feet long, 12- 18 inches around, and a deep green color. After passing the fish over the hole for several minutes the eel slowly came out of his hole for a third time and while keeping a close eye on both Jamie and I the eel grabbed the fish and pulled back into its hole.
Moray Eel
How'd you join the Koffee Kult?
I was invited by Jamie while hunting for Lobsters During Mini Season of 2018. I remember meeting Jamie during mini season of 2017 and was wondering who is this very active and generous man. He quickly introduced himself offered me a bag of Koffee Kult coffee.
If you could dive into a pool of Koffee Kult, which roast or single origin would you choose and why?
Road Dog Full Arabica beans of course! Who wouldn’t want to just dive into a full fragrant pool Arabica and drink your way to the bottom!
What’s your favorite Koffee Kult coffee?