Koffee Kult Customer Profile: Grae Macinnis

We love our Koffee Kult members so much! We noticed Grae on our social media platforms and knew we had to find out how he joined the Kult. A coffee enthusiast looking for the best coffee, he purchased Koffee Kult to see if it lived up to the hype. Once he tried our coffee, it was love at first sight, and we are excited to share our conversation with him below!

Koffee Kult Customer Feature

What's your go-to brew method?
My daily brew method is a commercial Bunn. I brew a pot before work, so I can take it with me because I'm on the road all day and the Bunn brews very quickly. I use a stainless mesh filter because I prefer to leave the oils in. To get the most out of the extraction, I grind 4 oz. of coffee for a 10 cup pot and I grind it to the finest the grinder will do. It's literally powder. This seems to work flawlessly with the brew speed of the maker.
What made you join the Kult?
I'm always looking for consistency in my coffee. I worked on the water quality, temperature, brew time, amount and grind type for the coffee. I saw so many positive reviews for Koffee Kult, so I ordered a few varieties. I've found that no matter what type I use, it always tastes consistent, so I always know what to expect. For me, the quality of the coffee, the price and ease of availability means I don't need to look anywhere else.
Coffee for days!
Craziest Koffee Kult story:
I don't know if I have real crazy story, but people who know me would call me crazy in general when it comes to things like coffee. The looks I get when I go into the details of coffee type and how to brew it are amusing. The looks of awe and horror when people see the sometimes 10 different Koffee Kult blends in my coffee pantry are even more amusing. My philosophy is anything worth doing, is worth doing 100%, or more.
I did just recently enlighten one of my son's friends with my coffee knowledge and experience through some of my snapchats, so much so the next day he sends me some pictures of his brand new grinder and airtight storage containers. I thought that was crazy. He asked where I got my coffee, so by the time you all are reading this, he's probably part of the Kult now too.
How long have you been in the Kult?
I believe I purchased my first bag through Amazon in April, but usually order direct now for maximum variety. As it stands now, I can't see any reason to leave the Kult.
What's your favorite coffee?
If it has to come down to one, I'll always go with a robust dark roast, so I'd say Thunder Bolt.  I honestly really like to mix it up daily though. I currently have 11 varieties of Kult coffee, I start each day with a pot and most case finish the day with one. I'm lucky enough where caffeine has very little effect on me. It's all about the taste.
What's your coffee motto?
This is a great question. I hear people all the time complaining about how hard it is to get good coffee, or how much time or work it is. It isn't, a little research and effort. Or, if you know someone like me, I've already done the leg work for you, just ask. So here it is:
"You have no one to blame but yourself for anything less than a perfect cup of coffee."