Employee Feature: Meet Lucas

Employee Feature: Meet Lucas

We always love to feature our customers, but today we are going to feature one of Koffee Kult's own employees, Lucas.

As the son of Koffee Kult's founder and CEO, Lucas knows the ins and outs of Koffee Kult. If you have yet to read the history of Koffee Kult, you can find it HERE. Lucas works at Koffee Kult each summer and during breaks from school, learning every aspect of the business.

1. How did you first learn about Koffee Kult?
Well I've been around since the birth of Koffee Kult. You could say I was born and raised on Koffee Kult since my father was the founder of this company. I'm so glad that I've been able to work here since it is an awesome experience.
2. What's your favorite aspect of working at Koffee Kult?
I love working the roasters and machines at Koffee Kult. It's hard to describe that cool feeling of watching the beans drop out of the roaster and watching our huge bagging machine dump coffee into bags. It is definitely one of the wow factors of working at Koffee Kult.
3. What are three words to describe Koffee Kult coffee?
World's best coffee!

4. Tough question, but what is your favorite Koffee Kult blend?
I would definitely have to say Dark Roast. It's the first Koffee Kult coffee I've had and it's always been my favorite. I love starting out my mornings with a nice dark roast!

5. Even harder, what is your favorite Koffee Kult single origin?
This is super tough. If I really had to pick one it would have to be Kenya. I think it's one of the best tasting single origins out there.

6. What have you gained from working at Koffee Kult?
I've gained a lot of real life experience from Koffee Kult. I was working at Koffee Kult during my breaks from high school and Koffee Kult has now inspired me to major in entrepreneurship in college. So I have Koffee Kult to thank for the experience and inspiration it has given me.

7. We need to know: what's your favorite coffee hack or trick to brewing the perfect cup?
Definitely some nice steamed or warm milk! It keeps your warm coffee warm and brings out a better flavor.

8. What do you pair your coffee with?
Chocolate chip muffins.

9. Coffee quote to live by: go!
"A good run is like a cup of coffee, I'm much nicer after I've had one."

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