Costa Rica Micro Lot – Limited Edition

If you haven’t tried our Koffee Kult Exclusives yet, then you are missing out! One of our favorite exclusives is the Costa El Cedral Natural Micro Lot. This micro is a limited edition, successful experiment blend that you will only find at Koffee Kult. This Micro-blend coffee spent two-days sun-drying on a patio, then covered with a high airflow solar dryer to protect from any rain fall. To complete the drying, it followed with forty-eight hours in Guardiola.

The Costa El Cedral Micro Lot premium coffee has a taste like no other. This medium roast coffee is bursting with a fruity mix of strawberries, chocolate and star fruit. At nineteen hundred meters above sea level, it’s no wonder this experimented blend came out so tasty and fresh.

Stop by our website now and buy some of this limited edition Koffee Kult Exclusive Micro Blend – Costa El Cedral Micro Lot. You’ll be able to get your hands on an order of the beans for only $14.99. Get them before their gone!


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