How Senses Affect Coffee


How do our senses affect coffee we purchase?

You'd be surprised to learn how much of an impact your senses have on the coffee you drink at home. Other than the obvious taste, your sense of sight and smell impact which coffee you enjoy. Today we will be discussing how our senses at Koffee Kult impact the coffee we purchase that we then roast to perfection and ship to our consumers.

Sense of Taste

Taste buds play an integral part in how we select coffee when we visit farms. Check out our graphic that details which part of your tongue signifies salty, sweet, acidic, and sour. The tip of your tongue detects sweetness which encourages you to drink more. The next taste you'll detect is acidity on the side of your tongue followed by saltiness. Lastly, you taste sourness or bitterness. This is your last defense against swallowing something that tastes poorly or is poisonous. Good coffee will have a nice balance of sweetness and acidity with full body. When we visit farms, we taste the coffee and use our sense of taste to determine if it's the right coffee fit for our high standards.

Sense of Sight & Smell

How does your sense of sight and smell come into play?

Sight plays a part in how we choose our beans. Visually, if we see black beans, we know those are cherries that fell on the ground and were picked back up. We also look at the size - beans should typically be the same size without defects. We also look to make sure there are no chips.

The smell of the coffee when cupped can tell us a lot about whether the coffee is high quality or not. If it smells phenolic or medicinal, it's a sign that the coffee is bad. We can also smell mold when cupping.

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Roasting coffee beans: how do we do it?

Roasting coffee beans is both an art and a science. Coffee can be either perfected or ruined within just a matter of seconds. It is important, as a premium coffee roaster, that you are aware of the different types of roasts and how to handle your beans. Here at Koffee Kult, we are deemed the gurus of roasting coffee beans, but how do we do it?

Know your beans: roasting stages

Koffee Kult uses different names to describe the different roasts which we produce. For example, you have your light, medium, and dark roasts. Professional roasters that have specific recipes like to follow a roasting profile to achieve the flavor they are searching for. Of course, roasting is not the only factor that plays into the art of roasting premium coffee.