Coffee Trend: The Glitter Coffee

All that sparkles may also be highly caffeinated. And fun. Let’s not forget fun. This coffee trend found its glory across the globe last fall—from as far flung as Mumbai and the U.K.—yet it didn’t seem to stamp out the unicorn blended drink of your neighborhood siren shop.

The “Diamond Cappuccino” was likely one of the top Instagrammable latte art photos (or videos) of the last few months. Why? Simply put, because it’s pretty and a fun, new way to dress up a hot cup of Joe.

The edible glitter (not your kiddos craft bin variety) is a simple dusting of shimmer to brighten up the plain white foam from your youth. And when crema fails to excite, meaning adding a little brown to your white to make beige in the shape of leaves or hearts, well it is a sparkly solution.

We at Koffee Kult have not tried this trend at our testing facility yet. As ardent coffee lovers and proprietors of premium coffee beans, we are somewhat skeptical. Sure, we will put coffee beans into barrels formerly housing whiskey. Yes, we will gladly sell you chaff for your gardens. But we’re not sure about consuming glitter (and thought this gravy recipe went too far!) and strongly agree it must be safe to consume. However, we are in a constant pursuit of the perfect cup of premium coffee, and thus, officially declare, never say never.