Coffee Fruit is Now On the List of Adopted Botanicals

Coffee fruit is the fruit of the coffee tree, which has low levels of caffeine and high levels of phenolic compounds. These compounds have antioxidants and riboflavin present in them. The entire “coffee fruit” refers to the entire cherry that houses the coffee bean inside. 

Last week, coffee fruit joined the American Botanical Council’s (ABC’s) list of Adopted Botanicals! The ABC has an Adopt-an-Herb program that provides support to the HerbMedPro database. The HerbMedPro database is an interactive online tool, providing access to important scientific and clinical research on the uses and health effects of more than 250 different kinds of herbs. With help and support of FutureCeuticals, ABC has new breakthrough and up-to-date information relating to coffee fruit. 

FutureCeuticals is a manufacturer for dietary supplements, functional foods, and the cosmetics industry. They are dedicated to the research and development in high-quality, raw materials for a simplified supply chain. FutureCeuticals also owns a Coffeeberry brand line including powders, extracts, and concentrates made from the coffee fruit. 

ABC states that they are “deeply grateful” for FutureCeuticals for adopting coffee fruit on the database. The feeling is mutual, for FutureCeutical’s vice president claims that they have “respected and admired Mark Blumenthal [the founder of ABC], whose groundbreaking crusades for better standard to text botanical identity and improved manufacturing practices are well known to us all”. 

The adoption of the fruit allows for any ABC compliers to keep informed with any new scientific publications regarding the fruit and bean. Some of the information is also publicly accessible.