Coffee Consumption at an All-Time High

Drinking coffee every day, numerous times a day, is the life of a young adult. Whether the coffee consumption is for waking up in the morning, getting through the midday at work, or staying up late to finish school or work, there is no denying that coffee is a crucial part of a millennial’s life. Koffee Kult reports on Bloomberg’s article regarding how coffee consumption is at a record high, specifically in the millennial age group. 

The United States has the most coffee consumption in the entire world, and demand for coffee is at an all-time high, thanks to people within the age group of 19-34. Koffee Kult agrees with Bloomberg, stating that the reason for this is because coffee consumption began earlier in life. The younger people of this generation are assumed to have began drinking coffee around 15 years old. Even the older spectrum of this generation is reported to have started drinking coffee at the age of 17. We already know the health benefits of coffee, but that raises a great question: is 15 too soon to start sipping lattes? Only studies will reveal the answer. 

Another one of the reasons coffee consumption is at an all-time high, is because millennials turn towards coffee in social settings when it is unacceptable to drink alcohol. Even if they are not drinking coffee in place of wine, it is as if coffee is “synonymous with love” for a young adult. 

The biggest producer and exporter of coffee, Brazil, recently experienced a drought. The dry spell and excess coffee consumption has caused prices for Arabica coffee beans to increase, due to the high demand. Hopefully, over time the coffee plants in Brazil will recover and prices will decrease. Until then, as demand stays high, prices will rise.