Christmas in July: Coffee Guide

Christmas in July Coffee Guide

Unsure what to buy during Christmas in July? Look no further! For the month of July, USA orders ship free on orders over $30, down from our usual $50! Now is the time to try new coffees and we've listed our top picks below.

What is Christmas in July?

Every July we offer free shipping on USA orders over a certain amount. Last year it was $35, this year it is $30! While you can achieve free shipping on orders over $50 in the USA throughout the year, we like to treat our Koffee Kult members to July shipping savings because sometimes you really only need to stock up on a 32oz bag at a time.

Now is the time to try a new offering, brew method, or merch! Choose from 32oz single origins, two 12oz blends, or mix and match. The choice is yours!

Try a new coffee!

Ever wanted to try a single origin coffee, but been wary of switching from your coffee favorite? Now is the time to give it a try! With free shipping over $30 in the USA, you can try one of our 32oz single as a one-time order and pay no shipping cost.

Single origin coffee is sourced from single farms located in many different countries. Some of those locations include Tanzania, Sumatra, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, Uganda, Nicaragua and more. Our coffee farmers grow these beans for maximum flavor notes and our Roast Master picked them for quality.

Order Koffee Kult coffee today and satisfy your senses with premium coffee from around the world.

Try a new brew method!

Do you brew your coffee the same way every single day?

Change it up! Take advantage of the $30 shipping and try out a new method along with a 12oz bag of coffee.

Choose from a selection of methods such as the Chemex, French Press, and Aeropress.

Swag out in Koffee Kult merch!

Nothing says you love coffee like wearing a Koffee Kult shirt or drinking out of a Koffee Kult mug. Show off your love of coffee with a shirt, mug, or even your socks!

Pair with the Eye Cracker T-Shirt with Eye Cracker Eddy socks and the Squirrel T-Shirt with the Insulated Travel Mug. Mix and match to create the best combo for your household.

Shop 32oz coffee beans over $30