Why Dark Roast Coffee is Healthier than Tea

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Do you find yourself getting into heated arguments with tea drinkers over the age-old question: coffee or tea?

Any coffee lover will tell you that the mere fact that coffee has 1,000 plus flavor compounds compared to black tea’s 400 is reason enough to prove why coffee is better than tea. However, coffee has so much more to offer than mere delicious flavor; read on to find out why opting for one cup of dark roast coffee from Koffee Kult is healthier than reaching for a cup of tea.

Dark roast coffee helps you ward off liver cancer. That’s right, a cup of dark roast coffee from Koffee Kult can help you fight off liver cancer. Considering that half of the cancer cases in the developing world are attributed to liver cancer, this benefit is huge. According to Joseph A. Rivera, creator of the Coffee Science Certificate program, a training program aimed at providing a greater technical understanding of overall coffee science, “By consuming moderate amounts of coffee, the polyphenols in coffee are able to bind iron, thereby lowering its concentration and incidence of development.” In addition to helping ward off liver cancer, a cup of dark roast coffee a day helps fight off cirrhosis, hepatitis C, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Consequently, studies on the effect of tea on liver have yet to reveal anything of importance.

Dark roast coffee prevents depression. According to a study done by Harvard researchers, dark roast coffee may lower the suicide risk in men and women by 50 percent. Lead researcher, Michel Lucas, specifically linked the caffeine in dark roast coffee to the positive effects on depression levels. Lucas shared that, “Caffeine from coffee is about 80 percent caffeine intake. In one cup of coffee, you could have about 140 mg of caffeine. In tea, for example, you have about 47 mg.” This means that someone would need about three more cups of tea to achieve the same effect as one cup of dark roast coffee from Koffee Kult.

Dark roast coffee can keep colon cancer at bay. Did you know that a cup of dark roast Arabica coffee from Koffee Kult can help keep colon cancer at bay? According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, colon cancer patients who were heavy drinkers have a much lower risk of dying or having their cancer return than their non-coffee drinker counterparts. In fact, patients who drank four or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day had half the rate of recurrence than non-coffee drinkers. On the other hand, studies on whether or not tea can yield the same results have yet to provide any of the same statistics.

Now that there is absolutely no question in your mind as to why a cup of dark roast coffee is the way to go, check out Koffee Kult today so you can start enjoying the health benefits of coffee as soon as possible!