How to Keep Dark Roast Coffee from Staining Your Teeth

While there are more perks to having a cup of coffee in the morning than we can count, your teeth can get stained if you are not careful. Avoid this by using these tips from Koffee Kult on how to keep dark roast coffee from staining your teeth.

Drink water AND coffee. For those worried about having coffee-stained teeth right before their big business presentation, then fear not! Simply follow each sip of coffee with a small mouthful-sized sip of water for stain-free teeth.

Use a straw. Any stains caused by dark roast coffee can easily be avoided by using a straw. It will give your teeth less direct exposure to the coffee, letting you have as many cups from Koffee Kult as you please!

Don’t brush your teeth immediately after. While you may grab your toothbrush and rush to the bathroom after finishing your coffee, you may want to wait a minute. The acidity of coffee softens enamel, thus stripping your teeth and making them more porous and vulnerable to staining when brushed immediately after a cup of coffee. Protect your teeth by waiting 30 minutes before cleaning them.

Avoid teeth whitening strips. Just like why you should hold off on reaching for the toothbrush immediately following your dark roast coffee, teeth whitening strips also make your teeth more porous and vulnerable to staining.