Brew Guides: Toddy Cold Brew Instructions

The Toddy Cold Brew System is not only pure perfection when it comes to creating the best cold brew, but it is also simple to use! If you have recently purchased a Toddy Cold Brew System and need a little guidance on the process of creating the ultimate homemade cold brew blend, cold brew experts, Koffee Kult have some easy-to-follow Toddy Cold Brew Instructions!

First, make sure that you have all pieces of your Toddy Cold Brew System on hand. Parts include the following:

Toddy Cold Brew System

  • Brewing Container
  • Glass Decanter
  • Decanter Lid
  • Brewing Handle
  • Toddy Filter
  • 1 Rubber Stopper

Next, choose your favorite coffee, like Koffee Kult’s Ethiopian Harrar whole bean coffee, and then grind until coarse. Since the Toddy Cold Brew System is designed to hold 12 ounces of coffee and seven cups of water, grind accordingly and then measure out your cold water. Then, follow the same Toddy Cold Brew instructions used by Koffee Kult, which are the following:

  1. From the outside of the brewing container, insert the stopper into the bottom.
  2. Dampen the filter and place it in the bottom of the brewing container.
  3. Add one cup of water into the bottom of your Toddy Cold Brew container, and then add six ounces of Koffee Kult coffee grounds.
  4. Slowly pour three more cups of water over the grounds and make sure that all are saturated evenly.
  5. Add the remaining six ounces of coffee grounds and wait five minutes before pouring the remaining three cups of water on top – BUT DO NOT STIR this time.
  6. Use a spoon to gently pack down on the top grounds to make sure that they are saturated as well.
  7. For a perfect cold brew with the Toddy Cold Brew System, let the Koffee Kult grounds steep for a minimum of 12 hours.
  8. Remove the stopper from the bottom and let your cold brew flow into the glass decanter.

Storing your cold brew is simple – refrigerate it and it will stay fresh for two weeks!

Preparing. For the perfect Toddy and Koffee Kult cold brew, use a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 depending on how strong you like your coffee. Use one part coffee and either two or three parts water, milk, creamer, or soy.

Voila! You now have the perfect cold brew from Toddy and Koffee Kult.


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