Brew Guide: Chemex

Chemex® is a staple for every true coffee enthusiast and its design has not been altered at all since its invention in 1941 by Peter Schlumbohm in Germany. Back then, Schlumbohm’s invention was coined as “a synthesis of logic and madness”, but now, coffee aficionados would call it pure genius!

The coffee experts at Koffee Kult have the following Chemex® brew guide for our coffee enthusiasts to be able to brew the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their own home, without a barista. However, keep in mind that depending on whether you have a 6-cup or 8-cup Chemex® system, the instructions may be slightly altered.

What you need:

6-cup or 8-cup Chemex®

Chemex® filter


4 or 6 tablespoons of your favorite Koffee Kult coffee

Boiling hot water


Stir stick



  1. Situate the Chemex® filter in the brewer and make sure that the single fold is facing away from the spout and that the multiple folds are lined up against the spout.
  2. Dampen the filter with hot water so that it seals against the sides of the spout, then dump out the excess water.
  3. Weigh out roughly 50 grams of your favorite Koffee Kult coffee, grind it until coarse and place in your brewer on top of the scale, then zero out the scale.
  4. Boil 1,200-1,400 grams of water for a 6-cup Chemex®.
  5. When you start pouring the hot water into the filter, immediately set your timer.
  6. Pour the hot water until all of your Arabica coffee grounds are saturated.
  7. Stir the saturated grounds with a stir stick so that no clumps form.
  8. When your timer hits 45 seconds, start the second pour. Start this pour by using a wiggling motion, then switch to a gentle swirling motion until the spout of the Chemex® is filled with only about a fingertip length from the top – or roughly 450g of water have been poured.
  9. Once your timer reaches 1 minute and 45 seconds, fill your Chemex® brewer flush to the top with about 700g of water.
  10. Once your timer reaches 4 minutes, your Chemex® should be pretty close to the full volume of 1,200g.
  11. Look at the glass bubble, which should indicate that you have roughly 20 ounces.
  12. Lift the filter and let it drain for a couple of seconds, then pull the Chemex® filter completely out and dispose it.
  13. Swirl your Chemex® around to mix the brew a little, pour in your favorite mug and enjoy! You should have enough for 2 cups to indulge or share!