Tanzania Peaberry

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Cupping Notes bright, clean and aggressively complex Roasted light-medium
Location Tanzania
Altitude 1400 to 2000 masl
Varieties Bourbon, Kents, Typica, and Blue Mountain
Process Fully Fully washed
Drying Patio sun dried
Harvest December - May
Export January - December

Profile: Medium roast
100% Arabica coffee
Roasted in Hollywood, Florida

Mount Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano in northern Tanzania, is the highest peak in Africa at 19,330 feet. Kilimanjaro's lower slopes provide fertile soil to grow Tanzania Peaberry Coffee, and the climate provides excellent conditions for coffee trees to thrive. Grown and harvested on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro near the Kenyan border, this gourmet African coffee displays many of the characteristics of Kenyan coffee, though much lighter in acidity.

Peaberry beans are small, round coffee beans with a cleft in the middle; they have a richer flavor than their oval- shaped counterparts, often rendering a livelier cup with a full body and distinguished aroma. Peaberry coffee is rare; only 10% of all coffee develops with this characteristic. As a result, peaberry coffee beans must be hand-sorted from the rest.

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Koffee Kult

Every awesome company has a history. The Koffee Kult mission has been to find and roast the best coffee we can find from all parts of the world.

Learn about our beginnings thru to our current location.

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Koffee Kult partners with coffee producers that are environmentally friendly, pay equal wages to all and supports schools on farms for the children.

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Jacqueline Bronson


This is way better than Starbucks! My boyfriend likes Starbucks (or maybe because it's really the only coffee shop here) but he's generally willing to try other brands. I bought this as part of his anniversary gift (coffee themed everything) and I am really glad I did. I always have to add creamer to other coffees because I cannot stand how they taste, this one is perfect on it's own. The flavor is wonderful, it feels smooth and light (light as in it's not heavy and dark tasting like the usual store bought coffees seem to be. I'm not using the terminology correctly as I'm not an expert). This is a really good flavor to buy and would recommend this to friends and family.

United States

I like it

I'm not a coffee expert. So i can't really get into describing how it tastes. It's significantly better than store bought coffee.

Thomas R.
United States

Outstanding beans!

This is my new favorite from Koffee Kult. Excellent robust flavor from the perfectly brewed beans. Give it a try; I promise you won't regret it!

Anthony s.
United States

Best coffee ever

Best coffee I have ever tasted. Will definitely buy all my coffee from the KULT

dale b.
United States

Absolutely delicious

I've been ordering from Koffee Kult for several months now, trying different beans from different areas of the globe and absolutely love the coffee, not to mention the true passion they have about personally selecting the best lots by visiting the fields and meeting wth the growers. I am so impressed that I sent my parents a few different beans for Christmas. Koffee Kult...the best of the best!