Zimbabwe coffee

We know the struggle and how hard it is to roll out of bed in the morning. Not everyone is a morning person, and some more than others need that extra shock of energy to get their day going. Which is why we have Zimbabwe coffee. Koffee Kult brings you these coffee beans directly to you to give you that extra kick in the morning. This is not your traditional coffee kick though. Zimbabwe coffee is packed with an extra surge of caffeine power to help you conquer the entire day. Zimbabwe coffee comes from one of the top coffee bean regions globally. These beans are grown on Mount Selinda in the Zimbabwe Eastern Highlands, and produced on the Zimbabwe Smaldeel Estate, which has been growing coffee beans for over 100 years.

This special blend is medium roasted with a tea-like-body and finishes with a peachy, lime zest with a hint of rhubarb. If you haven’t tried this specialty coffee it is worth the purchase. We could all use that extra jolt in the morning and this coffee absolutely cranks it up a notch to a new level of boosted. When it comes to that morning rush that we all look for each day, this is it. Our new  is a real kick-start to get your head straight and focused to take on the day.

At $19.99 it’s a wonder you haven’t already gotten your hands on this powerful resealable bag of coffee beans.

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