Why Being a Coffee Addict Isn’t a Bad Thing

Here at Koffee Kult, we are certainly no strangers to needing a cup of coffee (or two) in order to get up in the morning. If you aren’t already a coffee addict like we are, then you might have second thoughts after finding out just how much coffee benefits your body and brain.


Coffee prevents skin cancer. According to a recent study done by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, drinking four or more cups of coffee daily can lower your risk of melanoma, otherwise known as the leading cause of skin-cancer death. After following almost 450,000 cancer-free participants for over 10 years, the researchers discovered that those who drank more coffee lessened their chances of getting skin cancer.


Coffee helps your hearing. Did you know that by being a coffee addict, you can improve your hearing? Regularly consuming coffee from Koffee Kult may help prevent tinnitus, otherwise known as a persistent ringing in the ear. According to a recent study published by the American Journal of Medicine, women who drank one and a half cups of coffee a day were 15% more likely to develop tinnitus than those who drank four to six cups.


Coffee helps you live longer. Topping the list of why being a coffee addict isn’t a bad thing, a recent study done by The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that drinking two to six cups of coffee per day can lower the risk of dying by 10 percent for men and 15 percent for women. If that’s not enough for you to make sure that you have an order of Koffee Kult coffee on the way, then we don’t know what is.