Seven Ways to Improve Your Cup of Coffee

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7 Ways to Improve Your Coffee

Looking for ways to improve your morning, afternoon, or nighttime coffee? It's always fun to change it up and try new techniques, recipes, and methods. We've listed our seven ways to improve your coffee - let us know which you try.

1) Find Quality Beans

What's the point of perfecting a brew method if you are not using quality coffee beans? The most important way to improve your coffee is to find the best coffee. Depending on your brew method, you may need an espresso, a single origin, or a custom blend. Here at Koffee Kult, we look for the best coffee on the planet, which is why we gather only the highest quality beans from countries all over the world. We have Columbian coffees, Ethiopian coffees, Tanzanian, Sumatran, and Ugandan coffees. Coffees from Guatemala, Kenya, Nicaragua, Peru, and Brazil. No matter where your favorite beans come from, if they’re premium quality, they’re in our stock.

2) Grind & Store Beans

The bean loses freshness and the quality of your cup of coffee decreases the longer the bean has been ground and sitting. For the freshest cup of coffee possible, you want to grind your coffee beans right before you brew them. Depending on what your coffee comes in, you may want to switch it out of its original packaging (Koffee Kult bags are specially designed to keep your coffee fresh). Paper bags or anything with a thin lining, the coffee must be removed. Remove your coffee from the paper and place it in a plastic, airtight container to seal in the freshness. Although your container may be airtight, do not leave it on the counter, exposed to light. Light will decrease the flavor, so always remember to store your beans in a cool, dry, dark space.

3) Perfect Your Brewing Technique

Once beans are ground, one of the easiest ways to make the perfect cup of coffee is to use a french press. A french press takes just a bit more work than the auto-drip option but these steps make for quite a great cup of coffee. French press helps preserve the natural oils and all the natural flavors of the coffee bean. Filters take away the natural flavors of the final cup. If you use an auto-drip coffee machine, a cone filter with metal mesh screening is preferred. Looking for a different method? Find our brew guides HERE, along with our instructions for french press.

5) Spice Up Your Cup

Spices, spices, and more spices. Spices are an excellent way to improve your cup of coffee and provide a nice change. It's a beautiful fall day and you are craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but don't have time to put it together? Whip out your Pumpkin Pie Spice, homemade or store bought. This blend of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and cloves goes a long way to infuse your coffee with the notes you crave.

Still looking to make your own recipe? Check out our Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe.

7) Test New Recipes

Some days a standard cup of coffee just won't do it. When that moment comes, try one of our Koffee Kult approved coffee recipes.

Orange Mocha? HERE

White Chocolate Latte? Yes, PLEASE

French Hot Chocolate? ALWAYS

Vanilla Frappuccino? Sign me UP


4) Ditch the No-Calorie Sweeteners

You heard us correctly. DITCH THE NO-CALORIE SWEETENERS. You may be thinking, "But, why?" We will let Harvard Medical School take that one.

Once you adjust to the taste of coffee, you may never return to the land of sugary coffee, but in case you do miss it, we suggest using a sprinkle of coconut sugar, a spoonful of honey, and even a drop of agave. A little sugar goes a long way to sweetening up your cup after you wean yourself off.

6) Try Milk Alternatives

Looking to try one of the latest coffee trends? Using Oat Milk or alternative milk such as Macadamia instead of milk in your coffee isn't a new trend, but the alternative milks keep popping up in the market and for the most part, this trend gets our stamp of approval. Certain alternative milks, specifically the barista blends, can be a better option than milk for latte art. This trend is one that will stick around. Quaker Oats even jumped on board and introduced Quaker Oat Beverage this year.

Ditch the creamer and switch up your routine.


Now it's time to choose your beans...