Koffee Kult Customer Profile: Steven Briggs

Koffee Kult Customer Profile Steven Briggs

All of our customers are awesome. This year, we are excited to share their stories with you in this profile series. Our May customer profile is Steven Briggs in Illinois. Let’s get to know him a better, shall we?

What made you join the Kult?

"I was looking for an amazing bean for my French Press, which I have used thousands of times the last several years. One of my friends on Facebook swore up and down about Koffee Kult, so I humored the emphatic recommendation with some Eye Cracker . . . and I was instantaneously hooked on the beans and the brand!"

What’s your favorite coffee?

"The Eye Cracker is definitely my day-to-day coffee, but the Columbia Huila limited release had an incredible roasted flavor. It's great to have both your 'go-to' and explore other regions and flavors in a mug."

If you could only have one coffee drink on a deserted island, what would it be?

"You can call this story "A Boy and his French Press." I have had coffee prepared so many different ways, and all of them have the ability to tantalize your taste buds. But when it comes to a method and flavor that feels like home to me, my French Press is where I always turn to."

What’s your coffee (or life) motto?

"My life motto is that if you are generous and do well by others, the rest takes care of itself. I have always had this spirit in every business I have owned, invested in, every client I have coached, every relationship I have had in my life. It has never let me down."