Koffee Kult Customer Profile: MiMi Lane

Koffee Kult Customer Profile MiMi Lane

All of our customers are awesome. This year, we are excited to share their stories with you in this profile series. Our August customer profile is MiMi Lane in Hollywood, Florida. Let’s get to know her a better, shall we?

What made you join the Kult?

"I am passionate about coffee and about supporting local businesses. Koffee Kult fits both of those for me - great coffee, roasted and sold locally by great people!"

What’s your favorite coffee?

"I tried Koffee Kult coffee over a year ago at an event in the Hollywood (Florida) Arts Park and loved the Dark Roast! That is my favorite go-to but I also have Eye Cracker on hand for those really tough days when a little extra is needed. I participated in the Koffee Kult Experience* and the guys roasted a Ugandan small batch for us, which is really nice! I save that one for special moments and special people since it is a limited edition."

If you could only have one coffee drink on a deserted island, what would it be?

"Only ONE coffee drink on a deserted island??? Oh, my. Assuming it is a tropical island with coconut trees, I would want a nice, refreshing cold brew."

What’s your coffee (or life) motto?

"I love the smell of freshly ground Koffee Kult coffee brewing in the morning and no one talking to me while I drink it!"


*Want to learn more about our Koffee Kult Experience? Contact us to learn about our next tour