Healthy Espresso Coffee Cream Bars

How about a coffee treat as a little pick-me-up? These Healthy Espresso Coffee Cream Bars from Koffee Kult are the perfect grab-and-go treats, bursting with a great fresh coffee flavor, and best of all they are dairy, nut, and gluten free. There are several parts to these bars so let’s start with the crust.  

Crust Ingredients: 

2 tbsp. hot water 

1 cup pumpkin seeds 

2/3 cup packed dates 

Start off by roughly chopping the dates in the food processor with water. The dates should be in small chunks and then combined with the pumpkin seeds. Start the food processor again until only small pieces remain. Line an 8 x 8 pan with parchment paper before pouring mixture in. This will be your crust so pack the mixture to the bottom of pan and freeze. While that is freezing, start working on your White filling for your coffee treats. 

White Filling Ingredients: 

2 cups of coconut cream  

4 tsp. instant espresso powder 

1 tbsp. date paste 

Using a hand mixer combine coconut cream and date paste until a smooth. Separate ¼ of mixture and keep at room temperature. The remaining mixture will be used to create chocolate filling. 

Chocolate Coffee Filling: 

4tsp. dutch cocoa poder 

4tsp. instant espresso powder 

4 tbsp. date paste 

Starting with your white filling, add in additional date paste, cocoa powder, and freshly ground, whole coffee bean espresso powder. Combine all ingredients until smooth. Pour over frozen crust layer and place back in freezer for another 1 to 2 hours or until frozen. Then pour remaining white filling over coffee layer evenly and place back in freezer to set. 

Chocolate Coating: 

2 ½ tbsp. dutch cocoa powder 

4 tbsp. coconut oil 

½ tsp vanilla 

2tbsp. maple syrup 

Final step in our layered coffee treat is creating our decadent chocolate layer. Combine coconut oil, maple syrup and vanilla in a microwave safe bowl, heat until melted. Add in cocoa powder and quickly pour over frozen bars. Pop your coffee treats back in the freezer one last time, then cut and enjoy!