Customer Feature: Meet Peej

Customer Feature: Meet Peej

Today we are featuring a local business owner who also loves Koffee Kult. Born and raised in Florida, Penney, "Peej", and her husband, Brian "Gee", are the owners of Smokin' Chaos BBQ. With a love for southern food and BBQ, they began to compete amongst friends and that BBQ fever quickly grew into the business it is today. A little over year ago they were introduced to what they describe as the 'holy grail of coffee' by Koffee Kult's owner.

"We already knew this amazing coffee was being used in an incredible barbecue beef rub but had yet to try it for yourselves. The moment we brewed our first cup we knew this coffee was nothing less than magical. Ever since then we take it with us to every BBQ competition, catering event and get togethers with family and friends. We have yet to have one person say they didn’t love it, no matter how they take their coffee."

"We find it brings our family and friends together. Who knew this magnificent product could do so much good and make so many people happy? Koffee Kult coffee has done so much for us, we feel as though we can’t give back enough in return. Now we try to spread the word and allow others to become hooked and join the Kult!" — Peej


1. What's your go to brew method? My go to brew method is definitely the French Press. It’s a richer, robust coffee drinking experience.

2. What made you join the Kult? Jamie (Koffee Kult's own), is actually responsible for us joining the Kult. We are professional BBQ competitors and Koffee Kult coffee is used in one of bbq friend’s rub (If It Moos by Sweet Smoke Q), which is how our paths crossed on social media. It was the start of a great friendship and when I tasted the best coffee I’ve ever had. I’ve been hooked ever since.

3. Craziest Koffee Kult story? A kind of crazy Koffee Kult story is every Saturday morning of a bbq competition I make a pot of coffee and offer it to some of my friends and other bbq competitors, but ever since I started using Koffee Kult coffee, I have to make pots and pots of coffee and I always have a ton of competitors come by and we all enjoy a cup of coffee together, laughing, joking and talking about our cook so far. It’s now a tradition and a great way a large group of friends all wake up together to start a crazy day/event. They all say that I just make the best cup of coffee but I know for sure it’s all about the quality, taste and richness of that Koffee Kult

4. How long have you been in the Kult? I have been in the Kult since December 31, 2018.

5. What's your favorite Koffee Kult coffee? I enjoy a rich, dark roast so Sumatra and Dark Roast are my favorites.

6. What's your coffee motto? I have to admit that I constantly use “Do you even grind Bro?!” But I also like “ A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted”.

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