Colombia Huila Coffee

 As most coffee lovers will tell you, Colombia makes some of the best coffee in the world. Well, they aren’t lying. We flew to a small family-run farm in Colombia for a firsthand look at the processes they run through to get some of the best coffee this world is brewing everyday.

This specific Koffee Kult exclusive is a premium coffee that has been grown in a region within the department of Huila, Colombia. Huila has three main regions to produce premium coffee: Garzon, Pitalito, and Neiva. In these regions, coffee growers alike typically pick and process their own coffee at their wet-mills, as well as dry their own coffee, then deliver their beans to factories for milling, sorting, and packaging.

This Colombia Huila coffee is a medium roast, with hints of cherry and caramel. What exactly will you get from these coffee beans direct from Colombia? A caffeine infused rush of energy and focus to seize the day. This coffee was made for those individuals who need three dozen cups of coffee to get through the day.

Colombia Huila is a handcrafted small batch roasted coffee. Theses coffee beans direct follow the same roasting processes every time to ensure the consistency of every batch. You will never find this coffee pre-ground before packaging. We ship these beans whole to guarantee their freshness in every resealable bag.

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