Coffee: What is Fresh?

What is fresh coffee? Is it coffee that you buy off the shelves in the store that has never been open? Is it coffee that was roasted and a month later you’re opening for the very first time? The expert roasters at Koffee Kult want you to know exactly what we mean when we say we have the freshest coffee beans on the market.

It’s not as simple as putting fresh on the label and brewing a cup of coffee - that is not fresh. Have you received a recent bag of coffee and not placed it in an air tight container? Well guess what, you’ve exposed those beans to air when you transferred them from the bag the came in to the new container. At Koffee Kult we stand out from the crowd by bring you coffee beans direct to your door step. No middle man, no extra team that handles your pack first. When we say fresh, we really mean fresh coffee beans.

Okay, so what exactly makes us different? When we say fresh, we don’t mean we roasted your beans weeks ago and they have been sitting on a shelf ever since. To us at Koffee Kult, premium coffee beans are roasted twenty-four hours before they leave our headquarters and are shipped directly to you. It doesn't stop there. Each package you receive, you’ll notice an airtight resealable bag that keeps your coffee fresh longer than any air tight container on the market. These bags will only expose the top layer of your coffee which expands the life of the fresh coffee beans which we provide to you.