Through the years, many of us have heard a variety of myths about coffee. Ranging from “it’s the cure all of hangovers”, to “it can stunt your growth”. But which myths are true and which aren’t? The expert coffee roasters at Koffee Kult are here to put an end to several of these myths. After all, don’t you want to be able to enjoy your cup of joe without worrying that your fresh coffee will have you running to the restroom in an hour? Check out the top 3 myths surrounding drinking coffee.

  1. Hangover Remedy. Top of our list is the notion that a good cup of fresh coffee can sober up a drunk, however, this is a terrible misconception. Although coffee may provide the illusion of sobering you up, all it does is increase your wakefulness and slightly boost your awareness. Even after a great cup of coffee, the alcohol in your system is still very prevalent. The illusion of being sober can lead to tragic consequences, so the best way to sober up is by staying hydrated with lots of water, eating, and waiting it out. Alcohol will eventually leave your system, but not even the best coffee will speed up the process.
  2. Dark Roast = Strong. Another common misconception is the belief that dark roast coffee is stronger than its lighter counterparts. This is indeed false. Darker roasts are typically less caffeinated than light or medium roasts. The longer the coffee roasts, the more caffeine is lost in the process. So, the lighter the roast, the more caffeine it can contain. Of course, the type of coffee beans and other factors affect the strength of your fresh coffee, but don’t be fooled by a darker roast.
  3. Weight Loss Aid. The final coffee myth that can be debunked is the weight loss attributes possessed by coffee. Coffee is not going to miraculously help you drop 15 pounds; however, it will give you the energy you need to put in the work to exercise. Unfortunately, coffee does not speed up your metabolism. The best way to see coffee as a weight loss supplement is to use it in conjunction with an exercise plan. Enjoy some fresh coffee before your next workout to help improve your performance and energy while exercising.

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