Buying Coffee from Costa Rica

We know that coffee enthusiasts strive for the best possible cup of coffee they can find. Although, what may be the best coffee to one person does not necessarily mean that it is the best to another. We understand this at Koffee Kult, which is why we travel. We travel to get the best, high-quality, fresh coffee beans from around the globe. From our selection, you may have yet to uncover your true favorite.

Our most recent visit was to the coffee farms of Costa Rica. The reason why we travel is because we only accept the best coffee beans to stock in our inventory, and the only way to guarantee the high-quality product we sell is to go straight to the farmers who grow it and understand the process. We visited our friends in Parque de Zarcero, Costa Rica to see the entire production, from where our beans are grown to the packing process.

About Costa Rican Coffee

Believed to be one of the best coffee flavors in South/Central America, this coffee is grown at a higher altitude because of the mountainous terrain on which the farms are located. The soil adds to the rich flavor and pleasing acidity of the fresh coffee beans. The beans produced in this area lead to a heavier-bodied coffee with a unique scent.

Koffee Kult travels to coffee roasters around the world, in search for the best coffee to add to our supply. We want our customers to have a variety of coffee beans, from a variety of countries, created by various roasting processes, soils, climates, and more. By traveling, we are able to ensure that our coffee beans are among the highest quality-grade and near organic perfection. We hope that you will take a passion with our coffee as well, and join our Koffee Kult.