What's your coffee of choice based on your astrological sign?

What's your zodiac's coffee?

Have you ever wondered what your coffee of choice would be based on your astrological sign? We have.

We worked with our in-house expert, our Art Director, Irene, who is an expert in all things astrology to create a list of your coffee drink of choice based on your date of birth.


Aries are bold and competitive.
There's one drink that would complement an Aries and that's a macchiato, a shot of espresso with a dash of foamed milk.
We'd recommend pairing this drink and astrological sign with Dark Roast.


Strong signs deserve strong coffee and strong coffee drinks.

Strong like bull, these drinkers are stubborn and trustworthy. Only a cup of black coffee would make sense for this reliable sign.

We'd recommend a just as strong coffee for a Taurus, our Road Dog blend.


Geminis are versatile and curious.
We match this sign with a flat white, ristretto shots with steamed whole milk.
We'd recommend pairing this drink with our espresso blend, Eye Cracker.


Cancers are emotional and loyal.

An affogato is an Italian coffee dessert and simply delicious. Espresso poured over gelato or ice cream? Sign us up. We'll be loyal to this drink any day.

We'd recommend a coffee that is just as loyal, our Medium Roast.


Leos are confident and passionate.
We match this sign with a ristretto, a shortly extracted shot of espresso.  
We recommend an espresso option we use in our office, Ethiopia Hambela. Ethiopia coffees such as this washed Hambela are continuing to set the standard in roasting and cupping contest across the world. It's a good option for a confident sign.


Virgos are practical and modest.

For this sign, we'd pair it with a cappuccino, a delicious and practical combination of espresso and hot milk.

A modest coffee for a modest sign, we'd pair this with our Ethiopian Harrar. We don't always tout it as the best, but that doesn't mean it isn't.


Libras are social and intelligent.
Known to have good taste, a Libra would definitely know a cold brew on a hot summer day is the way to go.
We recommend our intelligent choice, Kenya. With cupping notes of green apple, lime, and a hint of pineapple, this would brew perfectly for a cup of cold brew.
best Hambela Bishan coffee


Scorpios are passionate and brave.

For a sign this bold, we recommend a simple shot of espresso. Smooth and dependable, an espresso pairs well with a Scorpio.

For a sign this strong and passionate, we recommend our darkest roast, Thunder Bolt.


Sagittarius are extroverted and energetic.
For a sign this open minded, we paired it with a Frappé, an iced coffee beverage.
For a fun choice like this, we recommend our Colombia Huila. With cupping notes of cinnamon, this pairs well with a sweeter drink.

best Hambela Bishan coffee


Capricorns are hardworking and serious.

For a more serious sign, we envision them drinking a latte at a coffee shop hard at work on a project.

We recommend Sumatra for Capricorns. This coffee has a tale an ambitious sign would enjoy. Once lost to the jungles of Sumatra, this gourmet coffee was rediscovered after a dramatic history of hardship. It took almost 100 years for this varietal to be rediscovered, hidden amongst the lush jungle undergrowth in the heart of Sumatra.


Aquarius are unique and creative.
We envision an Aquarius drinking a cup of americano, a diluted with water cup of espresso.
For a sign this imaginative, we recommend our Dark and Medium Roast blend, Mr. Coopers Fiesta En La Finca. If you are looking for a well-balanced flavor with full aroma, this is your blend.
best Hambela Bishan coffee

Brazil Mogiana Decaf Chemical Free Decaf Whole Bean Coffee


Pisces are romantic and charming.

We pair this dreamy sign with a Mocha, a mixture of coffee, milk, and chocolate. There's nothing more romantic than cuddling up next to the fireplace with a Mocha in your hands.

We recommend our Colombian Decaf, a delicious decaf coffee with notes of dark chocolate.