5 Unexpected Uses for Coffee

Ever wish you could put those coffee grounds to good use instead of just throwing them away everyday after brewing your morning cup? Well you are in luck! Discover 5 unexpected uses for your coffee and coffee grounds that will help improve your life!

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1. In the garden. Coffee grounds can be used for a number of purposes in the garden. If you are trying to grow your own garden but are constantly being plagued with slugs and snails eating away at your crops, coffee grounds can be of help. Coffee grounds are naturally acidic and slugs/snails do not thrive in an acidic environment. Just make a small ring around your crops and rid yourself of the slugs and snails. An added bonus, worms love acidic environments. Worms are great. They help aerate the soil and are a natural fertilizer. By adding coffee grounds around your plants, you are getting two benefits for the price of one! Coffee can also help add nitrogen to your compose pile, so be sure not to waste your coffee grounds by throwing them away! Instead, add them to the compose pile!

2. In the kitchen, coffee grounds and elbow grease can help naturally remove dirt and grime that has built up on your stainless steel pots and pans. Add coffee grounds to a rag and scrub pans to get them looking brand new!

3. Hair care! Yes your coffee grounds can even help remove product build-up in your hair! Just simply mix in with your shampoo and/or conditioner for an easy way to clean hair from all the build up from hair care products. But beware, coffee tends to ever so slightly tint the hair, so this method is only advised for people with dark hair.

Koffee Kult Premium Coffee Beans

4. As a way to exfoliate and tighten skin! Coffee grounds can be added to coconut oil as a natural and gentle way to exfoliate skin! The added bonus is that the caffeine will help tighten skin, giving you a bright appearance all day!

5. Cooking! By adding fresh ground coffee to a rub on tough cuts of meat can help ensure you get a tender, delicious dinner every time. Coffee will help naturally tenderize meat and even adds a smoky flavor, ensuring your guests will be pleased!