5 Killer Coffee Recipes for the Summer

Koffee Kult Summer Coffee Recipes

Or anytime really. From cold drinks to cocktails to desserts, we’ve got you covered with these amazing coffee recipes. Pro tip: Always start with Koffee Kult premium coffee

1. Craving for something cool and refreshing while still getting your regular buzz? Quench your thirst with these 10 coffee recipes that are perfect for the long hot days of summer!

2. Caffeine and alcohol are definitely not one of the most recommended combinations, but there are some who just really need their usual energy boosts with that extra kick. Take a look at these coffee cocktail recipes that will surely keep you wide awake. 

3. Want to take the title of "coffee lover" to the next level? Here is a list of recipes that incorporate coffee in everything - ice cream, drinks, and even steak!

4. Coffee is always great to pair with dessert, but what if your coffee is IN the dessert? Try out these recipes to enjoy a wonderful combination of bitter and sweet - the best of both worlds!

5. Want to add a little diversity to your regular cup of coffee? Check out this list of different styles and flavors of coffee (and links to their recipes!) from all over the world.