15 Coffee Facts You Might Not Know

Everyone loves coffee right? It’s interesting how most of us don’t know much about coffee though, just the way we prefer to drink it and what our favorite brand and roast is! Well today we are sharing 15 fun facts about coffee that you may not know!

Ok so here we go, did you know:

The coffee beans are the seeds of the berries that grows from the Coffea plant!

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Coffee is grown around the world. It’s cultivated in over 70 countries.

Coffee does best growing in climates around the equator. You can find it growing in areas around the equator in Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and North and South America.

There are two different species of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. The premium type of coffee is Arabica, as Robusta is known have a bitter taste, making it less palatable. However, the rRobusta plant is more resistant to disease..

Before roasting, the coffee beans have to be picked, processed and dried. The green beans are then shipped to be roasted! It takes Arabica beans 6-8 months to ripen, and Robusta beans about 9-11 months to ripen.

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Each coffee bean usually has two seeds, but around 5-10% of coffee berries only have one seed. These are called peaberries!

Coffee beans can be roasted to any desired level or darkness, but different beans tend to be better as lightly roasted, where other beans can handle a darker roast.

Coffee beans are one of the most traded commodities in the world!

Drinking coffee is not a new trend. Evidence of coffee drinking can been seen in 15th century shrines of Yemen.

Much like alcohol, coffee was once banned for religious reasons! The Ottoman Empire banned drinking coffee in the 17th century!

In 2011 Brazil led the pack with the most tons of coffee produced.

It’s estimated to take 37 gallons of water to produce enough coffee beans for one cup of water.

Coffee grounds can be used as compost!

Here are natural sugars in the coffee bean. When roasting, these, these sugars caramelize, which is part of what gives the beans their distinctive hue. The longer the beans roast, the more  the natural sugars are lost. Dark roasts coffee may not have any sucrose left, which is why it has a much bolder taste than light roast.

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Light and dark roast coffee beans have the exact same amount of caffeine. It’s been argued that light roast has more caffeine and here’s the reason why. The longer a bean is roasted, the more the bean expands. So there are less beans per scoop of dark roast coffee than light roast coffee. If you used the same number of beans per cup, you would have the same amount of caffeine per cup. But since you have to use more light roast beans per scoop (since they haven’t expanded as much) you get more caffeine per cup.

Well hopefully you have a new trivia answers from these facts about coffee! Let us know what your favorite fact was on our Facebook page!