10 Coffee Facts You Didn’t See Coming

Sure, you may consider yourself a coffee aficionado like we do here at Koffee Kult, but how much do you really know about your favorite drink?

 Find out how much you really know about the most popular beverage on the planet with this list from Koffee Kult of the ten coffee facts you didn’t see coming.


  1. Coffee plants require tons of water; specifically, one pound of coffee requires 2,500 gallons of water.
  2. Men who drink six or more cups of coffee a day have a 20% less chance of getting prostate cancer.
  3. We here at Koffee Kult are not the only ones who love coffee; four out of five Americans start their day with a cup of coffee.
  4. Perhaps one of the most surprising coffee facts is that espresso has less caffeine than brewed coffee.
  5. About 500 billion cups of coffee are drank each year – that’s a whole lot of coffee!
  6. The largest cup of coffee was 3,700 gallons, which is equivalent to 60,000 regular cups.
  7. Americans drink more coffee than any other country in the world, ensuring that Koffee Kult stays busy.
  8. A cup of coffee contains more antioxidants than a cup of grape juice. Out of all the coffee facts, we bet that this is the one you wish you knew about sooner!
  9. Coffee is the world’s most widely traded global commodity, with crude oil falling in second place.
  10. If you buy coffee from somewhere other than Koffee Kult, you may not know what you are getting; cheap coffee could have been harvested as long as nine years ago.