Using a Vandola to Brew Coffee

As a coffee drinker, you are aware of the many forms of coffee brewing. From Chemex to Aeropress, the Syphon and French press, everyone certainly has a favorite when it comes to their cup of joe. Have you ever tried a Vandola though?

First off, what is a Vandola? Similar to a jug, the Vandola is a hand-crafted clay brewer. Vandola’s take an entire month to make. The drying process alone can take from fifteen to twenty-two days depending on the weather. The body and the cone are made separately then later conjoined. It is important to understand that each Vandola is unique and not every one survives the formation process. After they are sculpted the clay must air dry. Once drying is complete, the Vandola must be thrown in a kiln to start the hardening process. As each one is in the kiln, the shape of each brewer changes as it begins to harden. If the changes conform and do not harden correctly, they will not survive the hardening process. The Vandola is then removed, hand-painted, fired again, and once it is cooled, ready for use.

Vandola’s come in five hundred milliliter or one thousand milliliter bodies. Special tools are used to put forth the best effort in holding the brewers to the true size that the Vandola craftsman is seeking during the hardening. With each brewer honing its own uniqueness in shape, the same is said for its size. Although the sizes are aimed at five hundred milliliters and one thousand, it is often rare to get the exact measurement.

Will a Vandola Affect the Flavor?

At the neck of a Vandola where the body meets the cone is a hole, called the Valvula. This hole allows for better oxygenation while your coffee is brewing. This oxygenation process creates a more distinct flavor and a dominate sweetness.

How do you use a Vandola?

 Preheat your Vandola in the oven. Vandola’s are very thick so the outside may feel hot but the inside can be cold. If you pour your coffee in while the body is cold, the device will absorb all the coffees heat making for a poor coffee brew. Using a cloth, metal or paper filter fill the cone with your finely ground coffee. Next, simply pour your hot water into the cone being sure to soak all the coffee grinds. Once full, slowly pour more water as the coffee brews and drips into the body of the Vandola. Highly important is to pour moving the spout of the water your pouring in circles to get all the coffee grinds. Once all water has dripped into the body, pour into your favorite Koffee Kult mug and enjoy. Vandola’s are known for brewing premium coffee. The efforts put into making the Vandola and your efforts put into brewing your favorite premium coffee are shown once the coffee is fully brewed. Enjoy!

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