Roast Profile: Light, Medium, and Dark Roast

Coffee roasts are simply identified by their color: light, medium and dark. Although some premium coffee beans are naturally darker than others, these terms are a convenient way to categorize the roasts. Of course, when purchasing your light, medium or dark roast, you should expect different characteristics; like taste, aroma, and body, to accompany the roast of your choosing.


Light roast coffee maintains most of the physical characteristics after roasting. Consisting of a light tan/brown color and minimal oil, it is easy to recognize the typical light roast coffee bean. Additionally, light roast coffee has the highest acidic level of the three roasting styles. When you have a light roast of premium coffee beans, the characteristics of its origin are well noticed. As you taste the coffee, the body is well preserved and the taste just as recognizable.


As we move on to medium roast, the obvious is true that the beans get darker for this roasting style. This darker tan/brown roast with a rich look gives more attention to the oil which it displays as about half of the beans will showcase an oily layer. For those who prefer a medium roast, are those who prefer a balance between acidity and body. This roasting style will give way to the level of taste and smell for a much richer body once roasting is complete.


Dark Roast, the chocolate of the roasting styles. The nickname comes from the look of these premium coffee beans once roasting is complete. The beans have a glossy dark brown, black look to them. A very oily layer can be seen on all beans, as they glisten to look like chocolate. The body of dark roasts are at their peak with the smoothest of all roasts. Although where body excels, taste is sacrificed. It is hard to distinguish the origins and characteristics of where these beans come from, as a great amount of taste is lost. That is not to be taken out of context, as high-quality beans at a dark roast will still hold true to the strength which it is known for. Sacrifice of taste, will be shown in the charge you receive from a dark roasting style.


Roast level is entirely up to you. Try them all, and distinguish which best fits your daily routine. Maybe today you need a little extra kick from a dark roast, or maybe you want to relax with the full taste of a light roast, or maybe you need little bit of both with a steamy medium roast. Regardless, different roasts can be taken advantage of depending on the situation. The only true test is to experiment with different roasts of different origins. The best judge for your perfect roast, is you.


Visit our origins page for a vast collection of premium coffee beans from around the globe, or keep it traditional and try our medium and dark roast blends found at our coffee blends page. Either way, Koffee Kult has the premium coffee to give you that extra kick of courage to get you through the day.